AQSCERT is a Certification Body, accredited to provide enterprises with certification services covering Quality, Environmental and Safety Management Systems.

AQSCERT creates increased safety and added economic value. As process partners with comprehensive industry knowledge, our teams of specialists provide early consultation and continuous guidance, thus achieving the optimisation of technology, systems and expertise. In this manner we strengthen the competitive strength of our customers throughout the world.

Our flexible yet structured organization, can guarantee timeliness and continuity, thus creating constructive and close contacts with clients. A bond which stretches further, becoming a constant deed to maintain the levels of quality achieved. Those who choose AQSCERT for its flexibility and ability to adapt to different situations, certainly do not renounce to a high level of statement and coordination typical of a major company. AQSCERT has gained substantial experience with great International and National clients. AQSCERT’s mission is to connect innovation to a general improvement in production systems: this means responding to clients’ needs.

AQSCERT’s contribution is structured as to understand and satisfy our clients’ needs. Our team consists of technicians of proven experience.This gives clients the advantage of always relate with the best specialists in each sector. We have one and only goal: to offer solid and proven proficiency.