The online registry collects active certificates of AQSCERT. The search allows you to check the status of validity of each certificate.

AQSCERT makes the necessary efforts to ensure a reliable research. However, the large number of records and the rapidity of the changes do not allow us to prevent every omission. Technical problems on the server or query could affect the reliability of the research. We recall also that the registry is not updated in real time. The date of the last update is shown in the header of this page.

If your search does not give the expected result, the certification office is at your disposal to check regularly the status of validity of each certificate.

Attention :    “N.A – not accredited scheme”.

“Warning: the certificate issued in English language, will be found on the Web page in English language, those in Italian are on the web in Italian language, and the same in Albanian”.

Methods of consultation database “Search Customers”:

First step – enter the name (the company customer) and written the certificate

Second step – enter the exact number of the certificate

Third step – click on the “Search” button.

“for the moment the data are in construction”



This post is also available in Italiano.