Mission &Vision

“AQSCERT operates in the field of international certifications to contribute responsively to sustainable development, maintaining a high level of technical-scientific competence and operational seriousness in sectors related to man and environment, agriculture, food, tourism, territor, training, and services to persons and enterprises.”

The mission represents the aspiration, style and values with which AQSCERT operates.

Aspiration is always about perfection, continuous improving, going further, innovating. Style is the choice of responsibility to man and the environment, with experience both in providing services that in turn empower organizations towards the consumer, market, environment, as well as in the quality of the way they operate. The special values are drawn from the traditions themselves: the responsibility and seriousness that are in the DNA of AQSCERT. We benefit from the contribution of the best professionals, forming an excellent team, always taking important necessary quotas in research and development, never agreeing to decrease the quality of the operator himself.

From all this it emerges that the development strategies of AQSCERT, focus on:

Improve efficiency and quality level,

Maintaining leadership,

Focus on innovation,

Development of internationalization

– Strengthening relations with partners and stakeholders,

Treating the customer as one.

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