Our brand

Our brand

  • We believe that an activity that is not successful in the place where it is born cannot be successful in other geographical areas or other places;
  • We are successful because we are one of you.
  • We believe that when business name change is the means to stay in the market, it means that it is time to change the profession as well.
  • In a world that is constantly changing, transformation is the only form to keep pace with time.
  • We believe in the values and competence of the people with whom our client works;
  • We believe that quality is not a simple product imported from one country to another, it is a value created and perfected in the place where this activity is carried out and with the personnel who carry it out;
  • We believe that the best technical competence lies in those places where the activity is carried out, regardless of geographical position, ethnition or color;
  • We trust strongly in the internal resources of a client company, we also believe in the competence and skills of the audiences, intellectuals, technicians, experts of the country where our activity is carried out;

The development of aqscert logo was transposed by the gold letter “Q”, which expressed quality services “QUALITY” with the sign “√” in its center in “AQScert”.

Our new logo represents our vision and identity, and it outlined the activity, politics and mission of AQSCERT.

The first letters AQS represent in the view of our activity Environment, Quality and Safety as three main areas of our activity. The “CERT” writing, with the inscription “certifications & inspections” on the golden background, represents our mission in continuously improving activities.

The “√” sign above letter “A” indicates that our ratings and quality from a figurative point of view extend to all areas from “A” to “Z” in a continuous upgrade and in a cycle that never closes.

The logo from the albanian point of view is also expressed as “Albanian Quality Services”.

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